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Frequently asked questions

Product Purchase

I would like to buy Pernigotti products for my store.
Where can I buy Pernigotti products online?
Where is Pernigotti?
In which countries Pernigotti products are distribuited?
I am looking for a specific Pernigotti product but I cannot find it
There is a Pernigotti store

Product Information

There is gluten or barley malt in Pernigotti products?
What kind of aromas are used in Pernigotti products?
Pernigotti products are vegan / vegetarian / kosher?
Do you use palm oil?
There is any nuts or peanuts in Pernigotti products?
There is oil in the surface of the spreadable cream
There are bubbles in the spreadable cream
What are the gray streaks that may appear on chocolate and how do they form?
What is sugar blooming on chocolate?
I am lactose intolerant, what Pernigotti products can I consume?
Ice cream for pastry
How should I best conserve the chocolate?


Can I have some product samples?
Can I visit the factory in Novi Ligure?
Job opportunity