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How Cremino was born

Two layers of gianduia chocolate that embrace an intermediate layer of hazelnut paste, in a cubic shape that can only bring to your mind the Cremino, one of the most popular chocolates in Italy.

The city of Turin, with its rich chocolate tradition, has seen the birth of many chocolates that will become the symbol of the city. Among these, the Cremino could not miss, recognized in 1998 as one of the Traditional products of Piedmont (PAT), an award reserved exclusively for products whose production methodology has stood the test of time.

Come nasce il cremino 1 - 1
Come nasce il cremino 1 - 2

Although the first official documents date back to 1934, the Cremino was actually born in 1858 by the hands of two confectioners: Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano.

The idea was to create a small cube with a refined look and that could be enjoyed in a single bite. Three layers of chocolate were combined: two with gianduia and one, the central one, with hazelnut.

What made it extremely popular was the link with the car manufacturer FIAT which, in 1911, on the occasion of the launch of its new model Tipo 4, launched a competition for all chocolatiers in Italy to create a new type of Cremino. In these years, the Cremino was a resounding success, but unfortunately FIAT could only distribute it during the various performances, since the sales permit was obtained only a few years later.

Even today, it is a great classic of Italian chocolate, with its layered appearance and its traditional aluminum wrapper with a paper band that has never changed.

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