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Starting the day with fantasy

When the sun comes up and you feel the desire to pamper yourself with a special breakfast, gianduia spreads creams become the magical ingredient to turn every morning into a delicious experience.

Accompanying them with your morning routine is like giving yourself an indulgent smile when you wake up. Their velvety texture and the enveloping taste of chocolate and hazelnuts make every awakening a small moment of pleasure.

Preparing a tasty experience is easy: just a slice of crispy bread or fragrant rusks. The gianduia cream spreads gently, melting on the freshly toasted surface, giving an irresistible mix of flavors and aromas.

Iniziando la giornata con fantasia 1 - 1
Iniziando la giornata con fantasia 1 - 2

For the more adventurous palates, the combination of gianduia creams with jam creates a fascinating game of harmonious contrasts. The rich and enveloping taste is combined with the freshness of the fruit, creating a real explosion of flavors.

The Pernigotti spreads are not just an accompaniment; they are a culinary experience themselves. Their intense and enveloping flavor tickles the palate and, together with the warmth of a steaming milk, transforms breakfast into a warm embrace.

To start your day with a touch of creativity, treat yourself to the luxury of immersing yourself in the delicious world of gianduia creams. Ready to turn every morning into a sweet journey into a paradise of flavors.

Good breakfast and have a good trip in taste!

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