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Whims for lunch, whims after lunch

After a light and full of taste lunch, there is always room for a tasty finish.

The Cremini Pernigotti, small treasures of chocolate and delicacy, are the special ingredient that transform the after lunch in a moment of pure pleasure.

Imagine you have just tasted a delicious salmon sandwich: the fresh flavor dance in your mouth as your mind celebrates the moment for a grand finale.

In addition, it is just at this moment that the Cremini enter the scene, ready to delight the palate with their creaminess and the enveloping taste of chocolate.

The secret lies in the perfect balance between the intense flavor of the Cremini and the lightness of a meal that satisfies without weighing it down. These little masterpieces are the final touch that makes a simple and delicious lunch. A real feast of the senses.

Sfizi per pranzo, sfizi dopo pranzo 1 - 1
Sfizi per pranzo, sfizi dopo pranzo 1 - 2

When it comes to dessert, the texture of the Cremini melts gently in the mouth, giving a rich and enveloping flavor that blends with the freshness of freshly consumed lunch. Moreover, there is nothing better than closing your eyes, enjoying everything slowly and letting yourself be carried away in a world of greedy pleasure. It is a moment of relaxation, a pampering for the palate that perfectly completes the freshly consumed meal.

To end your lunch with a touch of sweetness, let yourself be tempted by Pernigotti’s Cremini. They are there, ready to turn the moment after lunch into a delicious and light experience.

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