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Words and chocolate

On a winter afternoon, when the cold outside envelops trees and houses, there is nothing more welcoming than a good book and the delicious Gianduiotti Pernigotti, the perfect company for your daily ritual of relaxation.

A symphony of flavors with traditional goodness is intertwined with the magic of reading: their square shape and creamy texture catch the eye and the palate, inviting you to be enjoyed slowly, like every word of a beloved book.

Imagine the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate that goes well with the rich and enveloping taste of Gianduiotti. The delicate chocolate and the crunchiness of hazelnuts come together in a mix of flavors that pampers the palate while the imagination travels through the plot of a compelling story.

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Parole e cioccolato 1 - 2

The sound of the page that you browse becomes even more relaxing when it is accompanied by the rustle of Gianduiotti discarded one after the other, for a very enveloping sensory experience.

And it’s no surprise that, page after page, you find yourself wanting more and more to stop and taste a chocolate again. Their greediness is contagious, turning a normal reading break into a special moment of indulgence.

For your next winter reading moment, allow yourself the luxury of combining the pleasure of words with the sweetness of Gianduiotti Pernigotti. They will be there, ready to enrich every page with their goodness.

Enjoy reading and good taste!

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