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Alternative after hours

In a world that runs fast, the "after hours" become an oasis of peace, a special time to slow down and enjoy the sweet company of friends and a good drink.

In addition, what is better than the delicious Gianduiotti Pernigotti to accompany these moments of pure conviviality?

The Gianduiotti Pernigotti, with their history of tradition and quality, become the absolute main character of intimate and daily evenings. Their tapered shape and creamy texture are the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnuts, creating a gourmet experience that fits perfectly into the relaxed atmosphere of after hours.

Imagine to find yourself in good company, maybe sitting around a low table, sipping a drink and letting yourself be tempted by Gianduiotti that reveal themselves one after the other. The sharing of these little treasures becomes a warm gesture that speaks of affection and friendship, a greedy experience that binds people in a special way.

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After hours alternativi 1 - 2

The delicate texture of Gianduiotti goes wonderfully with the atmosphere of a relaxed evening spent laughing and talking: a bite, and the chocolate melts slowly in the mouth, releasing an enveloping taste that blends harmoniously with the flavor of the chosen drink.

In addition, there is nothing more welcoming than ending a day in the company of the sweetness of a Gianduiotto. Their presence on the table creates an intimate and convivial atmosphere, making every after hour a magical moment to remember.

The next time you want to make the afterhours alternative and unforgettable, do not forget to bring with you the Gianduiotti Pernigotti.

They will be there, ready to turn every evening into a delightful and light experience.

Good company, good drink and good taste!

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