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Pernigotti is a historic brand


Pernigotti is a historic brand

For over 160 years, Pernigotti has been committed to producing high quality products, with craftsmanship and with only selected ingredients.  For this reason, Pernigotti has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as a "Historic brand of national interest", a recognition that is only attributed to the brands that have made and that are making the history of "Made in Italy". This recognition reaches the peak of the rebirth of this historic company, back to its origins and in the city where it all began: Novi Ligure

In the center of this city, over a century and a half ago, in 1860, Stefano Pernigotti opened a grocery store that in the course of its history will become one of the most prestigious companies in the confectionery industry and that will get prestigious awards, including the "Grand Prix Diploma" achieved at the National and International Exhibition of Turin.

The date that most of all has marked the history of Pernigotti is 1927, the year in which the production of the iconic chocolate in the shape of a overturned boat, the Gianduiotto, began.

It is from the Gianduiotto, the brand’s spearhead, that Pernigotti starts again: the historic gold color of the wrapping gives way to the copper color, which together with the new logo go to compose the new brand identity of the brand. The further novelty is the reinterpretation of the ancient recipe that now includes the use of only Italian hazelnuts because there are many ways to make chocolate, but what makes you fall in love of a taste is the magic that combines the craftsmanship, the recipe and the best quality ingredients. Since 1860, Pernigotti has its own unmistakable secret that makes of his own Gianduia, today as in the past, a symphony of beauty and goodness.