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Pernigotti: presentation of the new rebranding


Pernigotti: presentation of the new rebranding

Pernigotti, the renowned Italian chocolate and confectionery brand, presents an exciting rebranding with a new logo, renewed quality and future products.

Pernigotti, one of the most renowned Italian brands in the world of chocolate, is proud to present his rebranding. This bold move marks a new era in the brand’s long history of excellence and craftsmanship tradition, offering a fresh and charming image to satisfy the modern taste and all over the world consumers’ expectation.

In the heart of the rebranding, there is the new logo, a creation that capture the essence of Pernigotti. The logo embodies the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, with clean lines and a contemporary style that reflects the continuous evolution of the brand without losing of sight his Italian roots. The bold colors and the distinctive graphic catch the attention and communicate the energy and the passion that Pernigotti puts in the creation of his products.

Pernigotti’s rebranding does not only concern the external appearance. It also concerns a renewed commitment to consumer’s quality and experience. The brand has always represented the excellence in the chocolate world, using only high quality ingredients and a craft production that hands down throught generations. This commitment will never change. The rebranding is a natural evolution, a way to guarantee that the beauty and the delight of Pernigotti’s products will continue to achieve and inspire people from all over the world.

The new Pernigotti is not just a visual renewal, but also a commitment for a more delight future. The company is determined to surprise consumers with new creations, new taste and new culinary experiences. It will continue to explore the frontiers of chocolate, looking for inspiration into Italian and worldwide traditions to offer unforgettable and unique products.