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Pernigotti’s Dolce Crescendo: the new sound identity


Pernigotti’s Dolce Crescendo: the new sound identity

Pernigotti’s dolce crescendo:
a symphony of taste and renew

BrandMozart has realized Pernigotti’s new sound identity, a never before innovation in the Italian chocolate world.

Pernigotti’s new sound identity is an harmony of sweet and enveloping notes, that takes the listeners in a world of chocolate and Italian treats. This melody enchants the senses with the promise of enveloping experiences.

The sound identity develops through a sound logo and a distinctive brand music. The sound logo, an innovative composition, evokes the irresistible pleasure of gianduia, with hazelnuts that crumble and plunge into chocolate, accompanied by the expressiveness of the saxophone. The brand music, also dominated by piano and sax, adds a touch of refinement and minimalism, recalling the indelible sounds of the past, elevating the brand to a level of cult and glamour.

Luigi Leonetti, marketing & sales director of Pernigotti and Walcor, said: “with this new project we want to communicate the renew of the brand and promote our high quality products to consumers of different age, with particular attention to chocolate lovers and to the most keen on gourmet.” A declaration that highlights the commitment in communicating not only the extraordinary taste of the products, but also the constant commitment in re-defining Pernigotti’s experience for a wider public.